Amimej and the Back-to-Front Christmas, by Carole Parsons

A little girl's back-to-front ways give Christmas a new twist.


Carole Parsons, Writer

When your name spelled backwards is Elorac Snosrap, it's easy to get a giggle out of the younger family members, usually followed by a cry of "Do my name!" Doodling around with one of the littlies recently, we back-to-fronted her name and started playing with what life would be like if other things were also reversed. In that moment she became Amimej the back-to-front girl, and it was just a short sleigh ride to turn her into a Christmas story. Yojne!

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    Jenny (Saturday, 05 December 2020 19:49)

    My little girl used to crawl backwards too, but her letter to Santa always has plenty of things she'd like!