Bonus Santa Story - The Brussels Sprouts That Saved Christmas, by Ellie Wallace

‘I’m back!’ Santa said, brushing snow off his red coat and stepping down from his sleigh. ‘Another year over Mrs Claus. Another bunch of happy children.’



‘I’m afraid not, Santa,’ Mrs Claus said, rushing towards him holding up two presents, one wrapped in blue paper and another wrapped in gold paper. ‘I tried to call you, but you didn’t answer your phone. Two presents were left behind. For …’ She put on her glasses and read the label. ‘Amba Logan from Alaska age seven and Beau Prince from Zambia age five. Oh what are we to do. How can you get there in time? It’s already thirty minutes to midnight.’



Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer pawed at the snow, snorting, and shaking his head.



‘Och, I know Rudolph,’ Mrs Claus said. ‘I know you want to help but even you can’t fly

fast enough to get to Beau and Amba before Christmas Day.’



Rudolph stamped his feet, disagreeing.


Alright,’ Mrs Claus said. ‘No more wasting time. You’ll just have to do the best you can.’ She handed Santa the two parcels, a flask of hot chocolate and a bag full of oranges and apples. ‘You’ve had far too many mince pies already!’ She scolded.



Santa nodded and gathered his reins. Rudolph turned his nose towards Zambia and leaped into the air, all the other reindeers following him, their bells ringing loudly. Mrs Claus could only watch, shaking her head, hoping they would somehow be able

to make it to Amba before midnight.



The reindeer made good time, landing in Beau’s road at fifteen minutes to midnight. Zebras and elephants, lit up by the light of the moon, watched the reindeer curiously. Santa slid off the sled and climbed onto Beau’s roof, squeezing himself down the small chimney.



He landed in the fireplace with a thunk. Rudolph watched him through the open door.


‘Well,’ Santa said. ‘I suppose I could have come that way instead.’ He looked around and saw a cake waiting for him, and some carrots for the reindeer. Rudolph pawed at the ground, eager to be off.



‘I don’t think we’re going to make it,’ Santa sighed sadly.


Rudolph snorted again, pointing with his antlers at the table. Sitting on the table, in a large bowl, were at least a hundred brussels sprouts.



‘Ah-ha!’ Santa shouted excitedly. ‘We can use our emergency procedures.’


Santa emptied his bag of apples and oranges onto the table in exchange and poured the brussels sprouts into his bag.



He fed each reindeer a handful of brussels sprouts, then

got back into the sleigh, checking his emergency procedure

dial. It was filling up nicely with reindeer farts.



At exactly the right pressure, the reindeers took to the sky and farted across the ocean at supersonic speed.



They frightened whales and polar bears as they flew overhead but Amba got her present in time!



Hurrah for brussels sprouts!