Bonus Santa Story - The Elephant in the Room, by Savannah Morgan

When Santa heard my Christmas wish,

His laughter made him shake,

But when I woke, I realised,

There'd been a big mistake!  


You see, my internet was bad,

While Santa was on Zoom,

And now a giant elephant

Is in my living room! 


"A fuzzy teal elephant,"

I swear that's what I said,

But he heard "real elephant,"

And brought me that instead! 


They are the biggest animals 

Of all that live on land. 

He eats three hundred pounds a day-

It's getting out of hand!  


He munched and crunched the Christmas tree,

and spit out all the baubles.

The mince pies, cookies, Brussels sprouts - 

They all were swiftly gobbled!


At bedtime I was in the bath -

He came and drank it dry, 

Then blew a soapy bubble stream

That popped right in my eye!


I tried to take him for a walk,

But he is ten feet tall!

He got stuck going through the door

And tore down half the wall. 


I hope that Santa takes returns. 

My mother's in a fume. 

She won't discuss the elephant

That's in the living room.