Bonus Santa Story - The Spring Peeper by Desi Lyon

Little Chubby Frog was grumpy. “Mum, why can’t I leap as far as George?” 


Mrs Chubby Frog smiled her wide smile and said “George is a Bullfrog, his legs are extra long and springy”.


Little Chubby Frog watched George and SCOWLED.


“Wait until the Spring Peeper comes” said Mrs Chubby Frog, “He’ll be here soon”.


Little Chubby Frog looked at his round, shiny tummy. ”Mum?” he grumbled, “Warts are cool, when will my warts come?” 


“Smooth is beautiful too” his mum laughed. “Your father and I are smooth, so no warts for you I’m afraid”


“What about fur?” 


“Why do you want Fur?” burped his Mum.


“This water’s F-F-freezing” shivered Chubby. 


“Ask the Spring Peeper when he comes,” said Mrs Chubby Frog, catching a fat fly on her tongue. “Come on Chubby, eat up and for goodness sake cheer up”


“Flies are yuck, why can’t I have ice cream?” sulked Chubby.  Mrs Chubby Frog looked sad. “When The Spring Peeper comes you can have ice cream, grow wings, tapdance – anything you like.”


That night, Chubby couldn’t sleep. “When will he come Mum? How will I know he’s here and how long will he stay?”


Mrs Chubby Frog tucked him in gently.


“The Spring Peeper comes on the very last night of winter – and with him comes spring and the hope of new beginnings. He can put a hop in your step and a smile in your voice.” 


“How?” asked Chubby.


“He can grant you a wish. You choose one thing to change about your life – anything - and he can make it happen.”


“Coool” muttered Little Chubby Frog, drifting off to sleep.


Next morning, Chubby was woken by the strangest frog-chorus ever heard.  It started like a high-pitched whistle and ended with a trill that sounded like sleigh bells.

Could it be…? 


As Chubby followed the sound, he wondered what to wish for: Longer legs? Warts? Maybe he could fly? Maybe climb trees? A fur-coat? Purple skin?


He wandered into a glade where beams of morning sunshine stabbed through the mist and spring flowers lifted their heads to greet the day.


He stopped suddenly.


There, in the brightest beam of light, sat a tiny brick-coloured frog with a strange X mark on his back.  


“You look worried” chirruped the tiny frog, “Can I help you?”


“I’m on my way to see the Spring Peeper” said Chubby, “And when I find him I can make a wish”.


The tiny frog listened.


“I only get one wish but I can’t choose,” babbled Chubby. 


The tiny frog smiled and the light around him grew stronger.

“ I wish…” whispered Chubby.


‘Yes?” asked the tiny frog… ”What is your wish?”


“It’s so hard,” said Chubby, sighing heavily -  “I JUST WISH that I didn’t think there was so much wrong with me!” 


At this - the tiny frog nodded, “Good wish” and clicked his fingers.



And just like that.


At last.


Little Chubby Frog was HAPPY.