Bonus Santa Story - The Wizard Who Lost Her Wand, by Don McVey

In the Kingdom of Forever,

High up in the air,

Sailed a magic floating city,

A place they called Nowhere.


And watching from her tower,

To the boundaries and beyond,

Was a wizard named Peculiar,

Who had sadly lost her wand.


Now this would be an issue,

For any wizard, their worst fear,

But for one in charge of flying towns,

The problem was severe!


For deep beneath the bustling streets,

Amidst a deafening sound,

Vast cogs and gears were turning,

Keeping Nowhere off the ground.


But there was a shocking secret,

That the townsfolk did not know,

Nowhere was about to meet,

The place they called below.


Stress and botheration,

Kept Peculiar up at night,

As, to stop the city sinking,

She required a wand’s true might.


As time passed she told no one,

What would happen to Nowhere,

Hoping that nobody noticed,

Or that anyone would care.


But then came the dreaded day,

She was summoned by the King,

Who wanted to discuss with her,

A somewhat troubling thing.


“Uhm, some of us have noticed”,

The King sipped from a gold cup,

“The clouds are not beneath us,

But there when we look up!”


“I've always liked you deary”,

The King was being obnoxious,

“But we've found a better wizard”,

Peculiar felt quite nauseous.


And so she was then banished,

To the place they called below,

Let down by her city,

She had never felt so low.


Searching far and wide, she found a home,

In the town of Bandyhop,

And made a living selling charms,

From a charming little shop.


But before she had forgotten,

About the city way up high,

It was there on the horizon,

Dropping from the sky.


The townsfolk were quite frantic,

When they saw it would not stop,

Until it crashed into the ground,

Right on top of Bandyhop.


Peculiar was not going to hide,

And let her people down,

No, not this marvelous wizard,

She was going to save her town.


Just as things grew desperate,

And a shadow covered all,

Peculiar was below Nowhere,

Standing proud and tall.


Her face was fierce with fury,

Bolts of lightning lit the air,

She threw her arms up to the sky,

As sparks flew from her hair.


Onlookers were astonished,

By her sorcery and wonder, 

As from ancient incantations,

Came a voice that boomed like thunder.


Blabidy, blobidy, hoomdy ham,

Glumpety, flumpety, floom flim flam,

Scara-man-an-da, pumpety poo,

Roonga-ma-toonda, jiminy choo! 


And in the depths of Nowhere,

Where the cogs had stopped going round,

They coughed and sputtered back to life,

From Peculiar’s deafening sound.


The townsfolk cheered and whistled,

Began a celebration,

As Peculiar went before the King,

By royal invitation.


“Now Peculiar we are sorry”,

The King looked rather shy,

“That other wizard was a fool,

We’ll give you another try”.


“Thank you”, said Peculiar,

“But I sadly must decline,

I now belong in Bandyhop,

With a little shop that’s mine”.


And she lived there ever after,

As the tale went far and wide,

Of a wizard who had lost her wand,

But found magic deep inside.