Bonus Santa Story - Ring Out, Christmas Bells, by Mark Renshaw

Ring out Christmas bells, through the Wi-Fi

   The streaming cloud, the smart device:

   This year is melting like the ice;

Ring out, Christmas bells, and let peace fly.


Ring away the tears, ring in a cheer,

   Ring, Christmas bells, around the street:

   Let fear be replaced by happy feet;

Ring out fake news, hold truth dear.


Ring away frowns, the downward slope,

   Ring for those lost this year;

   Ring out every precious tear:

Ring in the chime of uplifting hope.


Ring out divisions which sets apart,

   And pits on opposite sides;

   Ring in more noble guides:

To bind together, as one pure heart.


Ring out the self, the me, the want,

  The disconnect of the internet;

  Ring out the worrisome threat:

But ring the creative child in.


Ring out gossip, in words and deeds,

  The who said what, the where the when;

  Ring in strong women and honourable men:

Ring in combining culture and creeds.


Ring out the half-truths and lies;

  Ring out the fifteen minutes of fame;

  Ring out the bitter words of gain,

Ring in the lessons of the wise.


Ring in one race, one mind,

  One planet, one place to call home;

  Ring out the fear of being alone:

Ring in the age of being kind.


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Comments: 2
  • #1

    Shirley (Thursday, 17 December 2020 12:00)

    Brilliant! A poignant reminder of why we should still celebrate and look forward to the new year. Ring in 2021

  • #2

    Don (Saturday, 30 January 2021 22:04)


    Good on you! Excellent and well said.