Our Santa Book is Published And LIVE! Help us hit the Amazon Best Seller List

This year, the London Screenwriters’ Festival community came together to write a bumper book of bedtime stories for children, and that book is LIVE now on Amazon.

Santa's Bedtime Book Of Adventure Stories: 25 magical Christmas stories from 25 imaginations.... Buckle up for an exciting sleigh ride!


It’s 104 pages, so as kids books go, it’s a big one! It’s full colour and contains 25 stories for children at Christmas.

It will make an extraordinary gift and contains an eclectic collection of stories.

Now… how YOU can really help right now.

If you want to buy it, can you please do that today? If we can cluster sales we can get ourselves on the Amazon Best Seller list which will help promotion. So timing is important.

Better still, if you can buy and leave a review, that would be amazing.

It takes a few days to get the book and reviews are vital, so if you do want to review ONLY AFTER BUYING then mail me and I will send you a PDF of Mobi file for the free Kindle reader for your phone or tablet. So you can review the book right away. Again ONLY after buying so you are a verified buyer on Amazon.

Getting it to actually see means you can leave an authentic review.

Please don’t leave reviews saying things like ‘I wrote a story so I am biased…’ or ‘I was asked to leave this review…’ or ‘This is the greatest book ever published (in other words, be authentically enthusiastic and not too salesy)’.

Be as lengthy as you like.
Of course please do also ask everyone you to buy it too, especially the people who you think would get a thrill to own this book. Send them a personal message and post on Social Media.

And remember ALL the stories are being released, read by Santa, at 7:00pm GMT on the website and Facebook page.

OK, here’s the link to get on Amazon in the UK (you will need to search in other territories as this is the UK only link)…

And if you can do a second post on social media with a photo when your book does arrive, that would be AMAZING too!


Sorry for my super fast post, we have a lot on. This December we will have published two books at lightning speed, launched a whole new Santa Zoom calls business as well as prepped LondonSWF365 in February! We are somewhat determined to beat the Covid crisis that threatens us so greatly! All proceeds are going toward the survival of the London Screenwriters' Festival.

OK again, thank you in advance, much love and hugs in this time…

Chris Jones

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