A Pinch of Christmas Courage, by Joëlle Edwards

A Tooth Fairy braves the skies by herself on Christmas Eve but Father Christmas helps her and rescues her friend.

Joëlle Edwards, Writer

I wrote this story primarily for my two cheeky, wobbly-toothed, lizard-loving boys who are beside themselves with excitement for Christmas this year.  I wrote this story because 2020 has finally given space to the writer in me who has been desperate to get out since I was a wobbly-toothed child.  I wrote this story hoping I could help, even in a tiny way, The London Screenwriters’ Festival. This will be my first published story; hence I too am now beside myself with excitement for Christmas this year.  We are all children.  We love stories.  We need stories.  We are stories.  What my house doesn’t need now is any more excitement as we may all explode before Santa gets here!


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