Book Your Call With Santa

We have limited slots at different times. Including the run up to Christmas, the week of Christmas, and Christmas Eve.

Click through below to select your prefered time and day. The full experience costs...

  • £25 December 22nd.
  • £60 on Christmas Eve. 

What Dates Are Available?

Currently we are offering calls with Santa on...


December 22nd and 24th.


If you get part way into booking and want to restart, just hit the big green RESTART MY BOOKING button.



Looking to Gift a Call?

If you know the date and time the child wants, you can book below, just put their grown up's name and email address as the purchaser.


If you don't know the time they will want, please purchase a Gift here and include their guardian's name and email in the purchase notes and we will email a promo code for them to use when choosing their preffered time for their magical call.

Book your slot here... Scroll down for all dates...