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Meet the team...

Chris Jones

Former Stunt Santa, filmmaker & Santa 2020

'And it was all going so well!'

Pictured here with his son on Christmas day... Screenwriter, filmmaker and founder of the London Screenwriters' Festival, Chris has been Santa for local playgroups, hospitals, and family for the last forty years! He has also made several Christmas films which you can watch HERE and HERE. When he is not making films, being Santa or running festivals, he is usually raising money for charities by running firewalks!

Savannah Morgan

Elven Web Wizard whose familiar is a cat

Savannah loves stories and the magic of Christmas. She's a writer, children's book illustrator, and actor, raised in the faraway mystical land of "California" but she hopped a sleigh ride (with her two rescued cats) to England's own North Pole: Scotland! When she's not bringing stories to life, she's chasing gremlins in the website code and is happy to answer any support questions - magically of course!

Michael van Koetsveld

Filmmaker, Actor and Actual Santa Claus. Promise.

Micheal has been a supporting artist in a number of major feature films and TV series, including Transformers 5 and Good Omens, always in the background and usually out of focus. He has also played the part of Santa in shopping centre grottos and been a voice-over artist for years. Michael has not shaved since lockdown began, in a cunning plan to be the best Santa south of the North Pole.

McKayla Cox,

Our North American Elf!

Film and theatre student on gap, actor/singer/artist hopping between Los Angeles and Pittsburgh (during non-COVID times, of course!)

Bob Schultz

Writer, Teacher, and Candy Cane Enthusiast

'Welcome to the party, pal!'

With a CV (Christmas Vitae) that shows he has represented the Brotherhood of the Beard from US malls to British Day Care Centers, Bob puts the “you” in yuletide. As an ambassador of Christmas spirit all around the world, Bob has donned the red suit for kids and parents in snowy winter wonderlands, the vastness of the desert, and seaside tropics. It is his pleasure to report that “Merry Christmas” is a welcome message to people everywhere.

The 'Santa Book' Team

Elinor Perry Smith

Book Editor and Project Manager

Elinor is a London-based profesional writer and story editor, inspired to this day by all the wonderful books she listened to and read as a child.

Emma Pullar

Author and member of the Santa Book Team

Emma is an award-winning and bestselling writer of dark fiction and children’s books. Her debut picture book, Curly from Shirley, was voted Best Opening Lines by NZ Post and reached number four on the national bestseller list alongside The Wonky Donkey. Emma has written three original audio stories for Story Palace, home of Horrid Henry and The Roly Mo Show. Emma also writes under the pseudonym E.V. Parker. Get her books here... Kitty Stuck, Story Palace: Gordon the Ghost Sausage, Horris the Heroic House Spider, The Crocodile who Lost his Teeth 

Mark Walker

Author and member of the Santa Book Team

Mark is a writer from Gloucestershire with some scary short stories under his belt, but don't worry, he also loves kids' stories and is currently working on a tale of Trolls, lost children, magic and mayhem. When he isn't working or writing, he can generally be found cleaning/feeding one of his menagerie, which includes a tortoise, spiders, beetles, chickens, mice, rats, a hamster, degus, guinea pigs, a rabbit, two daughters and his wife. He loves Christmas, but his beard is nowhere near as good as Santa's!