Do you have questions?

These frequently asked questions usually answer most questions, but if not, drop us an email here and we will get right back to you.


Do I need to be there for my child's call?
Yes please - it'll be fun!

Is the session recorded?
Yes! The session is automatically recorded and edited and will be delivered within 48 hours of your experience, at no extra cost. You can keep forever and share on social media.

How long is the session?
Each session is approximately 15 minutes, with around 10 minutes with Santa.

How many people can be in a session?
Up to two children can interact individually with Santa. More can be on the call and can also chime in, but we cannot handle more than preparing for two children per time slot. 


I have questions or special requirements for my child, who do I contact?
We understand each child and experience is unique! Please contact our support elves at with any questions, concerns, or special requests and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do you offer Group Booking?
Yes, we offer group sessions for a maximum of 6 devices, 2 children per device. Please contact our support elves at to enquire about group booking.


The booking system isn't working for me. 
If the Christmas gremlins are interrupting the booking on the site, please try booking directly on Ticket Tailor (our ticketing service), just click the red Book button:

------ £25 Tickets (Before Dec. 17)

------ £40 Tickets (Week before Xmas, Dec 17-23)

------ £60 Tickets (Christmas Eve)


Can I purchase a booking as a gift? 

Absolutely! If you know the date and time of the desired call, you can book it as normal via the Booking page, just put the child's parent/guardian in the purchaser Name and Email Address fields so. that we can send them all the relevant info for their call. If you DON'T know the date/time of the call, you can purchase a Gift. IMPORTANT: make sure to enter the name/email address of the child's parent/guardian in the box before you click Check Out so that we can email them the promo code needed to book their call. 

Does Santa only speak English?
Yes, we are an English-speaking team.


I don't live in the UK, can I still book? 

Yes! We welcome calls worldwide. However, please be advised the booking system is in LONDON TIME so make sure you know the equivalent local time for you before deciding on your call slot. 

Is it safe?
Absolutely! We are a handpicked tiny team.

What if I miss my appointment?
We understand it's a hectic time of year and plans can change suddenly. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds for missed appointments, but we will always try to reschedule you if you offer us a minimum of 6 hours notice that your appointment will be missed.


What device do I need for the visit?
The experience is best on a laptop or desktop via the Chrome browser, but you can also join on a tablet or smartphone. The device you choose will not affect the recording you receive.

Do I need to download anything to join, or are there system requirements? 
No, you will receive a link to click which will open the experience in your browser. We do recommend using the Chrome browser if possible, and maximising your internet connection by avoiding streaming other things (such as Netflix) in your household during the call, and by being as close to your wireless router as possible or plugging your computer in directly to the router via an ethernet cable. If you are normally able to make video calls, you should be able to enjoy the call without worry. 

Are you using Zoom?
No, we use a streaming technology called Streamyard which allows us to create a better event for you and your child. From your point of view, it'll be much the same. Don't worry, it's just as easy as zoom to use - in fact, we think it's easier!

How do I log in?
Simply click the link that we emailed you.

I didn't get a link?
Please check your spam folder. If you still don't see the link, please email our support elves at


Is there anything I need to prepare at home?
As this will also become a video to keep, you may want to dress up all Christmassy and ensure there is enough light on your faces so that we can see everyone.

For the best experience too, can you ensure people are not overusing the internet during your call? Ask people to refrain from big downloads, streaming TV etc. You don’t need to, but in tests, we have found if there are internet issues, this is usually the cause.