The Littlest Shepherd, by Siân Rowland
25. December 2020
Alina is furious when she is cast as as shepherd instead of an angel in the school nativity play. Can her mum help her come to terms with her new role?

The Christmas Moon, by Lucy Unwin
24. December 2020
Two girls prepare an extra special Christmas feast, under the light of the Christmas Moon.

Fidget the Elf, by Jennifer Bozarth
23. December 2020
Can an elf who can't stay still work in Santa's workshop?

Grace's Dad, by Fiona Hunnisett
22. December 2020
Grace's dad is so embarrassing especially when it comes to Christmas.

Christmas Eve at the Zoo, by Jenny Heap
21. December 2020
On Christmas Eve, a baby elephant hears sobbing and sets out, collecting animals on the way, to put things right.

A Pinch of Christmas Courage, by Joëlle Edwards
20. December 2020
A Tooth Fairy braves the skies by herself on Christmas Eve but Father Christmas helps her and rescues her friend.

Santa Calls and The Last Minute Writer by Siân Rowland
20. December 2020
My phone pinged at 10am on the 19th November with a reminder I had set myself: ‘Christmas story submission ends tomorrow,’ I had written, followed by a helpful ‘Don’t forget.’ Thanks a lot, past me!

Belle's Christmas Wish, by Jen Lyon
19. December 2020
A wayward dog finds the perfect Christmas present, a new family.

Mr. Kris, by Nadya Thulin
18. December 2020
Leila, a new immigrant, hearing classmates talk about Santa who can grant wishes, tries to find a way to ask him for a new friend.

Pippin's Worry, by Rachael Howard
17. December 2020
Pippin the littlest rat worries Santa will forget him.

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