What people say about our Santa Experience

The elves have reported back! Here's what people have said...

'My two grandchildren LOVED their visit with Santa! Magical!'
Wendy, grandmother

'My little girl Lily was spellbound by the whole experience. Charming, fun and absolutely inspired.'
Ashley, Dad
'This was our first time having a call with Santa and he and his elf were absolutely amazing, we all left feeling that we'd had a lovely chat with the real Santa. In fact he was so genuine I even thought it was really snowing outside when he showed a scene of it snowing at the North Pole. Would highly recommend.'
Farah, mum of two
'Thank you so much for our call today. Tobias really enjoyed his time with Santa, especially the dancing - he hasn’t stopped talking about it. The whole experience was truly magical and the attention to detail was marvellous. We would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is missing out on seeing Santa in person this Christmas (and in fact Tobias got to talk to Santa a lot more than he did in a grotto last year!).'

Jenny, Mum of two


'Annie had a wonderful time with Santa and Pippy the Elf re-uniting our family across the miles from Sydney to Middleton-St-George (Darlington) in the UK. So important this year as we won’t get chance to fly home to all be together. Annie was blown away by the experience and she can’t believe how much Santa knew about her... It was just like appearing in your favourite Christmas movie, and you even get your very own video recording of the experience. Thank you Santa, Pippy, Elves and all the team at Santa Calls for such a wonderful time creating magical memories.'
Louisa, Jez, Joanne, Johnny and Margaret, Whole Family in both Australia and UK


'Thank you so much Santa and Pippy, what a lovely personalised experience! We definitely would love to do it next year - my kids are insisting on it :-)'
Lauren, Mum of two

'It was lovely. Great attention to detail. Emmeline loved meeting Santa and chatting about her favourite things such as shoes and Harry Potter. She was thrilled when Santa talked about how good she'd been during lockdown. Very much recommended.'
Lucy, Mum of Emmeline, Devon,


'My kids loved LOVED meeting Santa and his elf Pippy! Santa seemed to know a lot about the kids which made it all the more magical, thanks to the short questionnaire when booking the call. The animated graphics and scripts are AMAZING, and you can almost smell the eggnog in the air! It was lovely. I really got into it, the delight was contagious. Hearing the sleighbells, the animations, watching the video of Santa feeding the reindeer, and Santa’s big book really hit all the Xmas notes.'
Maureen, Mum to Alexia and Matheo, Glasgow