Watch All The Bedtime Stories with Santa

You can find all 25 stories in Santa's Bedtime Book of Adventure Stories, kindle or paperback, here on Amazon UK or here on Amazon USA (or search for it by name in your local Amazon). You can also find 12 bonus stories as a free pdf here

December 25th... The Littlest Shepherd, by Siân Rowland

Alina is furious when she is cast as as shepherd instead of an angel in the school nativity play. Can her mum help her come to terms with her new role? Watch HERE.

December 24th... The Christmas Moon, by Lucy Unwin

Two girls prepare an extra special Christmas feast, under the light of the Christmas Moon. Watch HERE.

December 23rd... Fidget the Elf, by Jennifer Bozarth

Can an elf who can't stay still work in Santa's workshop? Watch HERE.

December 22nd... Grace's Dad, by Fiona Hunnisett

Grace's dad is so embarrassing especially when it comes to Christmas. Watch HERE.

December 21st... Christmas Eve at the Zoo, by Jenny Heap

On Christmas Eve, a baby elephant hears sobbing and sets out, collecting animals on the way, to put things right. Watch HERE.

December 20th... A Pinch of Christmas Courage, by Joëlle Edwards

A Tooth Fairy braves the skies by herself on Christmas Eve but Father Christmas helps her and rescues her friend. Watch HERE.

December 19th... Belle's Christmas Wish, by Jen Lyon

A wayward dog finds the perfect Christmas present, a new family. Watch HERE.

December 18th... Mr. Kris, by Nadya Thulin

Leila, a new immigrant, hearing classmates talk about Santa who can grant wishes, tries to find a way to ask him for a new friend. Watch HERE.

December 17th... Pippin's Worry, by Rachael Howard

Pippin the littlest rat worries Santa will forget him. Watch HERE.

December 16th... I WANT, by EV Parker

Santa reminds Su that Christmas is not all about the list. Watch HERE.

December 15th... Christmas Colours, by Cera Rose Pickering

A little alien named Aliana fulfils her dream of visiting Planet Earth on Christmas Eve. Watch HERE.

December 14th... Cub's Christmas Tale, by Rachael Crofts

A fox has a year to get himself off the naughty list. Watch HERE.

December 13th... Shine Brightly, by Catherine Veitch

A little star called Rocky finds his shine in time for Christmas Eve night. Watch HERE.

December 12th... Hare And The Moon, by Helen Lusher

Sky gazing Hare forges a friendship with the moon. Watch HERE.

December 11th... Santa... Really? by Hank Isaac

A wise young boy sets his younger brother straight about Santa. Watch HERE.

December 10th... A Bedtime Adventure, by Dominic Brancaleone

Going to bed can be the biggest adventure of all. Watch HERE.

December 9th... He He He! by Maxine Lennon

Halloween Witches find their Ho Ho Ho and go to the Christmas Eve Ball. Watch HERE.

December 8th... Omega-Man, The (not so) Lonely Hero, by Josh Shevill

When his patrol on Christmas morning is uneventful, superhero Omega-Man feels lonely until a surprise correspondence changes his outlook. Watch HERE.

December 7th... Mittens and Mink Meet Santa, by Zanna Twist

Two stray kittens cause havoc at Santa's house. Watch HERE.

December 6th... The Lonely Christmas Tree, by Cheryl Lang

Lonely Fraser Fir becomes everyone's favourite. Watch HERE.

December 5th... Santaroo, by Harriet Barbir

Santa writes in response to Charlotte. Watch HERE.

December 4th... Amimej and the Back-to-Front Christmas, by Carole Parsons

A little girl's back-to-front ways give Christmas a new twist. Watch HERE.

December 3rd... The Christmas Sock, by Gillian Spiller

An arrogant stocking finds out it might be a sock after all when Santa has an emergency. Watch HERE.

December 2nd... Rudolph's Nose, by Ruth Nolan

What happens when Rudolph's nose turns every colour but red? Watch HERE.

December 1st... A Christmas Lesson from Timmy, the World's Smallest Giant by Ricardo Bravo

Timmy, the world's smallest giant (the size of your ear) will teach a lesson to the school bully about the dangers of being naughty before Christmas. Watch HERE.